5 Geeky Minutes On… Guardians of the Galaxy *SPOILER-FILLED REVIEW*

This is your last warning! If you haven’t seen the film yet and you don’t want major plot points, character secrets, and a few hidden secrets revealed, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS PODBLAST! Even though it may be only 5 minutes long and we really don’t give out all of the movie’s secrets, we give out enough to ruin some of the best parts of the film. Also note that this review is completely different than the spoiler-free review. It’s not the same review minus bleeped out secrets.

And just so you know, Parker and I learned the hard way not to record a podcast while driving down various LA freeways at night. Lots of background noise and little ability to concentrate on what we’re saying doesn’t help to make a coherent podcast.

PodBlasted – 5 Geeky Minutes on… Guardians of the Galaxy *SPOILER-FILLED REVIEW*

Image: Marvel