5 Geeky Minutes on… Chick Lit

What’s Chick Lit? How should I know? I’m a man!

Well, that’s really no excuse. Odds are that your sister reads it. Maybe even your girlfriend (you know, the one in Canada). I sat down with two pals who have worked in their share of book stores and know their way around the stacks. Casey (also a man) and Karen give me the lowdown on what Chick Lit is, why it’s so popular, and how it’s different than every other bound collection of pages cramming the shelves of the last surviving bookstore in your neighborhood.

It’s not just another form of YA (Young Adult) fiction, but it is surprisingly easy to find, when you know what you’re looking for. Venture outside your comics and hardcore gaming bubble for 5 minutes and you might just learn something, guys. I sure did.

PodBlasted – 5 Geeky Minutes on… Chick Lit

Image: Random House Publishing Group